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52534294One of the best places that serve you with the famous Mediterranean baklava is the Baklava Factory. A baklava is a very unique and exquisitely flavored dessert that has a light flaky crust and the insides are filed sumptuously with nuts, fruits, dates and chocolates, which is baked and finally sweetened with a sugar syrup or honey. Baklava is a dessert that is supposed to have originated from the Middle Eastern countries of Asia and has parallel influence from Greek cuisines as well.

It is supposed to have designed during the infamous Ottoman Empire. Ever since then, the baklava has been kept on the shelves because of the difficulty and expense of making it as well as for the purpose of maintaining the exquisite taste of it. Ever since that time, baklava has been reserved as a special treat rather than a mere dessert for special occasions and auspicious events only.

Burma; Pistachio Baklava

Gourmet baklava pastries are generally made up of two layers of Phyllo dough or made of paper thin sheets of Phyllo Dough layered alternatively with the layers of fillings of nuts, fruits, dates and chocolates. After this dough is prepared, it is put in a preheated oven and baked for the required time.


When the baking is done, the tray is taken out and the baked baklava is sweetened using sugar syrup or honey. Now it is ready to be served. Alternatively, there are also recipes in which the baked baklava kosher dessert is taken out and placed in a solution of sugar and warm milk.