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When you want to impress your guests during a special event,  try a different variant of Kosher desserts. Instead of the traditional recipe for desserts, you can try this Armenian recipe for a change. The whole dessert Los Angeles can be made within one hour.

The ingredients are:

•    One and a half cup salted butter, melted,
•    One pound Philo dough, thawed
•    For the syrup: three fourth cup of water,
1 and a half cup granulated sugar,
6 whole cloves,
2 tbs. lemon juice,
2 tbs lime juice.
•    For the filling: Walnuts finely chopped weighing 16 ounces,
three fourth cup granulated sugar,
one tbs. cinnamon
one third of tbs. of Nutmeg or ground cloves.

Now the Preparation method of Armenian kosher dessert:

•    Take a medium sauce pan. Pour the water, sugar and cinnamon in it and heat the oven. Keep it high. When it is getting heated, pour lemon and lime juices. You must stir it continuously until the mixture on the oven reach a boil. Now you can take the cloves from the syrup and also the syrup itself from the oven and set it aside.  Likewise, prepare the filling with walnuts, sugar, cinnamon and cloves and set it separately aside .
•    Now take a baking sheet of 13” x 18” size  and brush it with melted butter. Put 2 sheets of Philo into the pan for which you must have applied butter. Now apply butter to the top layer of the dough. Repeat 2 sheets and again butter the top portion. Repeat this process until half of the philo is used.
•    Now you have to spread the filling evenly on the top of the layer. Repeat two layers of this philo and butter process until you use all the remaining philo. Remember not to butter the top layer of the Armenian baklava desserts.
•    Now you can cut it using a sharp knife including the side of the philo box. Create baklava diamonds by cutting it first diagonally and then horizontally. On top of the diamonds drizzle the melted butter and spread it even with the back of the spoon.

This is a popular Baklava dessert in Los Angeles.