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imageThe origin of Baklava is believed to be from the Middle East and it is also believed that during around the 8th century B.C, the Assyrians were considered to be the first to make the bread dough with a few layers and chopped nuts placed in between with honey in it. This was known to be the earliest version and origin of Baklava. Baklava was usually baked only during some special occasions. However until the mid of the 19th century, Baklava was considered to be the food for rich people. Even today, we can find many poor or middle class people saying that Baklava is for rich and we are not rich enough to afford Baklava. Though, the fact is, today, anyone regardless of their financial status easily afford to buy or prepare Baklava at their home and enjoy eating their favourite recipes.

Baklava got its perfect texture and taste during the 18th century with some changes in the shapes and presentations. There was also a difference made in the baking tray. However, since the origin of Baklava, the traditionally baked and prepared recipes still have a great demand among people. Baklava factory bakes different recipes of Baklava with different flavours.

Baklava has come across many cultures that contributed to bring some changes in the spices and serving of Baklava especially with Turks and Arabs. Though, these recipes reflected the touch of Middle Eastern country. Currently Baklava recipes are served with French flavour. There are also many other flavours prepared at Baklava factory such as Spanish, Italian and more.