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Everyone has a sweet tooth. People crave to eat something sweet each time. It is known to be one of the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire and from locations such as Central and Southwest Asia. This dish is sweet and crunchy in taste. Demanded across varied places, Baklava is a ordered very frequently. Want to know more? Get going with this piece of information.

Baklava is a well known desert and a favorite of many. It is a classic Greek pastry and is very crunchy and decadent. This pastry is made with flaky phyllo dough and is layered with filling of cinnamon-spiced nut. You can add walnut in large amounts to make the pastries. Then, it is bathed in sweet syrup. As far as, its taste is concerned it is crunchy and decadent. It is easy to make and you can add lemon for a tangy taste. You need to prepare the phyllo and thaw in refrigerator overnight. The preparation time is 45 minutes and you can serve upto eight people.

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